Best Apple Laptops of 2022

Apple has been a popular brand among those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest technology. The newest Apple laptops now come with an even more compact and lightweight design, making it easier than ever to take them with you wherever you go. With a sturdy, yet sleek design, these machines are perfect for those who need a laptop that stays within their budget and is still capable of producing the highest level of work.
Hard Drive

MacBook: A Reliable Laptop for Everyone

Working with Apple laptops is a real pleasure. They combine comfort, thoughtful functionality and consistent style. The MacBook line is designed to enable every user to find the laptop that's right for them.

Features of Apple MacBook

Each line has its own. However, there are a number of common qualities that make these computers so useful:

  • Proprietary operating system with simple control and reliable protection against viruses;
  • Comfortable keyboard;
  • High autonomy.


Apple laptop families are divided by purpose:

  • Weather is an excellent choice if device mobility is a priority. This most affordable, lightweight, compact computer is suitable for basic tasks, communication, simple programs, simple games.
  • Pro - the most "advanced" models with high performance, designed to work with graphics programs, serious games.

How to Choose a MacBook?

To choose the best model for yourself, focus primarily on the tasks - work, play, communication. When purchasing a laptop for professional use, examine what resources the programs you use require. Based on this, select the technical specifications.

Processor And Memory

These are the key elements that determine the price of a MacBook. The smoothness of work, download speed, performance depend on them. Pay attention to the following parameters:


  • Processor production;
  • Number of cores;
  • Fundamental frequency;
  • Maximum frequency.


Also consider memory parameters - volumes, type, frequency:

  • RAM - 8 GB is enough for basic tasks, for professional use it is better to focus on 16 GB;
  • On Apple models, the ROM is implemented using an SSD drive. SSD provides fast write/read, start applications, autonomy, compactness. Choose the size based on your storage needs.

Video Card

MacBooks use graphics cards from Intel or AMD. The former does an excellent job of gaming and multitasking. For 3D graphics, content creation, and other complex purposes, we recommend choosing AMD. Pay attention to the type of video processor - integrated or separate.


One of the "chips" of Apple laptops is a proprietary Retina display based on the IPS matrix. It is used on all lines, only the Air series also has a TN+ movie screen.

The main advantages of retina technology are excellent color balance, excellent detail, wide viewing angles and reduced eye strain.

Consider these factors when choosing a display that is comfortable for you;

  • Diagonal - 13.3 inches for Air, 12 for MacBook, 13.3 / 15/16 inches for Pro.
  • Screen surface - glossy.
  • Screen resolution.
  • Aspect ratio.


When choosing a speaker system, the number and location of speakers are important. MacBooks tend to use stereo speakers located to the left and right of the keyboard. And for convenient communication, the manufacturer has provided a built-in microphone.



A proprietary Magic Keyboard with butterfly mechanism is implemented in the modern series. It is more sensitive than the classical scissor mechanism. Its feature is the even distribution of the load when the keys are pressed, which minimizes typos.


All models are equipped with an LED-backlit keyboard for comfortable low-light use, and the trackpad deserves special attention. Force Touch system provides the most accurate cursor control, touch recognition. It supports force clicks, velocity detection, pressure sensitive drawing, multi-touch gestures.

Management and Communication

Apple laptops run the proprietary macOS operating system. It is equipped with all necessary connectors, as well as standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless interfaces.

Biometric identification is performed using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

MacBook Design

Apple's style is all about minimalism and attention to detail. Recyclable solid metal enclosures. Textures that are pleasant to the touch. Noble restrained shades - gold, silver, “space gray”. Smoothness and roundness of shapes combined with ergonomics. Such a laptop is not only practical at work, but gives pleasure in every action.

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